Saturday, July 31, 2010

Half century of technical know-how sharing

It's 50th post on this blog. I am happy with my contribution. Learning is a continuous process and I am an active participant. Today's post will talk of something that I had never imagined to do in my development career: Testing.

Testing of the product is an interesting job, especially when you are a new user. Past two weeks, I am testing the product I'd be developing.

I'm sharing my experience here:

- Don't test just for sake of doing it; Understand the ecosystem in which your product would be working.
- Take generous logs of your testing.
- Keep an eye on what you can improve: Be it a process or a feature.
- Try to automate processes if possible.
- Try feeding weird input to your product.
- Testing is learning. You become a very good user of your product.

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